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Power supplies with CANopen

At the PCIM 2012 fair in Nuremberg Heiden Power (Germany) presented its TopCon power supplies with CANopen and DeviceNet interfaces. The device may be used for simulation and test in such application areas as photovoltaic, automotive, soft starters, battery control etc.

THE HIGH VOLTAGE POWER SUPPLIES ARE AVAILABLE for powers from 10 kW to 32 kW. The output voltages range from 50 VDC to 1000 VDC. The internal device communication is realized via CAN. Further interfaces include digital and analog I/Os, EIA-232, EIA-422, IEEE488, USB, LAN, and an external HMI port. For generation of a reference value the function generator is provided. The limit values for voltage and current are adjustable. Operating temperature of the power supply ranges from +5 °C to +40 °C.
Programming of the device may be done using the TopControl software. A DLL file for Labview and Visual C++ is available. The recently developed SAS control is a program supporting control applications. The Accu control program is dedicated for battery management. The IP20-protected devices may be also built-in in electronic control cabinets as an IP43-rated version.
Since 40 years, Heiden Power is a provider of DC power supplies, AC sources, electrical loads, chargers and power analyzers. The most of the devices (e.g. the HQSR8 source/sink system used for testing of hybrid motors) provide CAN connectivity. Company’s power supplies are manufactured by Regatron (Switzerland).

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