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CAN cable (with connectors)

The CAN standard specifies a cable impedance of 120 W. The length-related resistance depends on the desired cable length; for a 40-m network 70 mmW/m are suitable.

THE CAOACITY OR BETTER THE BUS-LINE should not exceed 5 ns/m, otherwise the network needs to be shortened. Pre-configured and tested CAN cables with connectors avoid wiring-failures. The pin-assignment for CANopen connectors are recommended in CiA 303-1. This recommendation is also used for many CAN layer-2 networks.

Allied Wire & Cable (USA) supplies UL-approved CAN cables. The RoHS-compliant products are oil-resistant, flame-retardant, and self-extinguishing. The temperature range is specified as -30°C to +70°C, if fixed. The are available in different AWG sizes (19 to 24).

Binder (Germany) offers CAN cable with M12-connectors. There are two versions available: with 5-pole plug or socket connectors. The over-molded cables come in various lengths. This is a significant expansion of the M12 CAN bus applications. When installed the connectors are IP67-rated.

Hradil (Germany) has developed a high-temperature resistant CAN cable, which outer diameter measures less than 4,6 mm. The cable is adapted for minimal bending radiuses (30 mm) and is specially designed for the engine management environment. It is primarily suitable as an engine management network cable. It resists high temperature as well as diesel fuel and oils.

Lappkabel (Germany) provides since many years, the Unitronic family of CAN cables. They are suitable also for CANopen and DeviceNet networks. They come optionally pre-configured with T- and Y-connectors, termination resistors, and connectors for the devices to be connected.

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