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Charges batteries in electrical and hybrid vehicles

Eltek Valere (Norway) offers the CAN-controllable Powercharger 3000 for electrical and hybrid vehicles. It provides an output power in excess of 3 kW with efficiency of up to 96 %.

ELTEK THROUGH THE BUILT-IN CAN CONNECTION the device may be controlled by a master unit. All major values may be read back. To match charging for various battery types and technologies charging modes with constant voltage, constant current, constant power and maximal available power are supported. Control via CAN offers the enable/disable (on/off) function, constant voltage, current and power limitation and control of available power (mains dependent). Alarm or error messages are sent on internal communication failure, control system communication timeout, high/low mains shutdown, high/low temperature shutdown, charger failure, and DC over- or under-voltage. The device warns if it is in power derate mode. Measurements available on the CAN network include AC voltage, current and frequency, DC voltage and current as well as rectifier temperature.
The input voltage may range from 85 VAC to 275 VAC (nominal 230 VAC) at 45 Hz to 65 Hz. Operation at temperatures from -40 °C to +60 °C is possible. The IP20-protected charger dimensions 50 mm x 280 mm x 120 mm. IP67-rated version is available as well. The device is designed for maximal utilization of a 16-A wall socket. The mechanical design ensures thermal coupling of all major heat generating components against a solid aluminum outer wall (base plate). Little excess heat reduces cooling requirements.

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