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CAN switch

CAN switches used in steering system

The Finnish company TKE delivers to Rolls-Royce its CAN network infrastructure components. The switch devices with multiple CAN interfaces will be used in the steering system for the azimuth thruster propeller system.

“WE HAVE INVESTED VERY MUCH TIME AND MONEY during the last years on this product. Both in developing and marketing the product” said Timo Kesti, Managing Director of TKE. ”We have already delivered CAN-switches to many different applications such as, roller stairs, mining machines etc. but the control system of the Rolls-Royce azimuth thruster is a complete new and very demanding user environment”, continued Kesti. Rolls-Royce produces azimuth thruster propeller systems, which are rotating 360° around the vertical axis so that the thruster can perform both the propulsion and steering duties for a vessel. Iiro Lindborg, Chief design engineer at Rolls-Royce, commented the agreement: ”We are very happy with the solution TKE offers. TKE did have the right product, which fulfills the demands and offers also dedicated educations and services”. He added: ”When we were choosing the supplier, TKE ́s knowhow on CAN technology was the decision-making factor.”

We are very happy about the fact that such a big company as Rolls-Royce did choose us as partner, said Timo Kesti.

The CAN switches have also been installed in the Olympic Rings of Vancouver in 2010. More than 1500 CAN modules controlled the illuminated rings. CAN switches interconnected the network segments.

The CAN switch divides a single logical network into several physical networks. With the CAN Switch mixed topology can be used at all bit-rates. The switch has five ports, one is used for configuration. The configuration port runs CANopen (SDO and EMCY services). The product can be equipped with different types of connectors, such as 5-pin M12 or 9-pin D-sub. The CAN switch is also equipped with filters, which can be set up individually for each bus. A DIN-rail mountable version is available as well. This product is equipped with MSTB and 9-pin D-sub connectors. The IP67-rated unit provides also five CAN-ports.

 CANopen hydraulic valve module

 TKE has also aunched a CAN-connectable module for hydraulic valves. It can control on/off valves up to 4 A and PWM valves up to 2 A. The product features continuous current-measurements. In case of over-currents it closes automatically. The module measuring 35 mm x 50 mm x 75 mm can be mounted instead of a valve connector. The IP65-rated product works at temperatures from -40 °C to +85 °C.

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