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Wood chipper controls via J1939

The HC-Flex from EHB (Germany) is a control system for wood chippers of all sizes. Its transreflective backlit display ensures readability under difficult lighting conditions.

The product communicates via a CAN network (Photo: EHB)

THE SYSTEM PROVIDES COMMUNICATION VIA J1939 and offers four languages as a regular feature. Three different types of wood can be programmed using function keys. More than 100 errors are saved with the data, time and type of error. Operating data for electronic engines is also displayed both in plain text and as SPN and FMI. Two inputs for speed measurements can evaluate NPN and PNP signals. External buttons for start, stop, reserve, and hood switch are all NO/NC adjustable: The device adapts to the machine and not the other way around.

The outputs have a 3,5 A switching capacity for the feed and return stroke. The third output is provided for the alarm, switching off the drive motor in case of an error. All outputs are selectable between ETR/ETS. After starting, the valves are checked for functioning once a predetermined speed has been reached. The clutch is monitored for slipping according to machine-specific settings. Blockage of the chipper disc is recognized and the engine is stopped. Up to four security levels for different authorization levels can be secured by code, as well as the resettable day-time operating hours counter. The total operating hours counter can be factory deleted or changed. The product reminds the operator about the service data upon control system start-up, as early as five hours before required service. If the service time is exceeded, this must be acknowledged by pressing a key. Only after this has been done is the work menu activated. If the service hours are exceeded, that is stored in the error memory (time and data).

The system is mounted via a normed 52 mm borehole using a retaining bracket. The rear-side connection happens via a 12-pin, waterproof central plug. EMC safety, protection class IP67, and vibration resistance according to DIN make up the wood chipper controller’s data. Up to 20 machines can be re-programmed for the manufacturing industry.

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