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Terminal system

Touch display and integrated RFID reader

The piCAN-TFT by Pironex (Germany) is a terminal system based on an IPC (industrial PC). It consists a 4,3-inch TFT display with touch function and an integrated RFID reader for contactless detection of radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags.

The terminal provides a CAN interface (Photo: Pironex)

THE PLASTIC HOUSING ALLOWS USE in harsh environments and is suited for wall mounting. Its temperature range is -10 °C to +60 °C and a power supply of 12 V / 300 mA via the CAN network is provided. The CAN and Ethernet interfaces provide connection to the existing control or management systems. Linux, as an operating system, provides the software environment. The terminal can read RFID cards with an operating frequency of 13,56 MHz. Through the use of ICs, Near Field Communication (NFC) is also supported. Three digital inputs allow the connection and the evaluation of sensors (e.g. switches). The six LED driver outputs can, for example, control two RGB buttons. The brightness for each of the six channels is configurable in 256 steps (0 % to 99,6 %). Application fields of the product are for example door control, access control or time and attendance systems. The display comes with 480 pixel x 272 pixel.

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