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TFT/LCD display

Commands tunneled via CANopen

Ikusi (Spain) has launched version 3 of the TFT/LCD displays of their I-Kontrol range. I-Kontrol is a series of remote controls, which includes three types so far (IK2, IK3, IK4).

(Photo: Ikusi)

THIS UPGRADED VERSION INCORPORATES a CANopen feedback function that increases the number of possibilities of visualizing the information from the machine via PLC. The company has released a layer protocol used to control the display of their remote control console boxes from a PLC that communicates with their remote control receiver through a CANopen compliant serial network. The payload in the TPDOs and RPDOs is used to send and receive commands and data according to this layer protocol to display feedback information about the status of the machine on the TFT.

Regarding the text format, information is shown in 4 x 20 characters, with or without LEDs, or in 2 x 10 characters with LEDs. The display also offers the possibility of presenting information graphically, using different icons that can be chosen from an image gallery, in four different formats: 1, 2 or 4 icons on display at the same time. Additionally, 10 characters associated with any of the icons can be written. The 3,5-inch color TFT display gives feedback information and provides the possibility of full-duplex communication.

Ikusi manufactures and sells radio controls and radio communication-based electronic systems for remotely controlling mobile and/or fixed industrial lifting machinery. Other applications are also possible.

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