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Mobile data terminal

Configurable: J1939 and other CAN protocols

PR3820 by Pran Systems (Canada) is a mobile data terminal. It is Windows CE 6.0-based with a 4,3-inch TFT LCD screen and equipped with a touch screen. The unit has an embedded open architecture platform designed for new in-vehicle demands.

Most of the company’s products are CAN communication compatible while some are also available to meet other standards (Photo: Pran Systems)

THE SYSTEM IS COMPOSED OF A 32-BIT ARM PROCESSOR running at 480 MHz, with 64 MB RAM and 128 MB NAND for data memory. According to the company, the terminal is a solution which gives the user the advantages of an embedded computer without its inconveniences. It is IP67-rated and designed around a resistant touch screen and industrial grade LCD with luminosity, which makes it suitable for outdoor use. This device has two CAN communication ports where the auxiliary CAN network can be configured as J1939 or other CAN protocols. This product is functional at -20 °C to +70 °C but can operate at -40 °C after a few minutes of warm up. It comes with 9 VDC to 32 VDC and features eight signal inputs and four low power outputs.

The unit is specially designed for use in special vehicles such as emergency vehicles, working machinery, mining equipment, and marine applications. Due to its IP67-rated enclosure, the terminal is dust-tight and underwater (immersion up to 1 m) protected. In addition it is waterproof and also shock and vibration resistant.
It is designed in accordance with J1455, J1113-11-12-13 specifications. The unit is designed with an open architecture, which allows software designers to create their own software applications.

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