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Remote control

For waste management

Meiller’s Isar-control is a mobile remote control for the operation of vehicles in waste management and construction logistics. It offers wired operation over CAN when the control unit is plugged in.

(Photo: Meiller)

THE CONTROL ENABLES A FLEXIBLE OPERATING POSITION for optimum view into the working area. The model is made for use in the construction industry and tough applications. It is supposed to deliver one control unit for all functions and make one-hand operation possible, even in the charging cradle and with gloves on. It has an operating temperature from –40 °C to +80 °C and weighs 340 g.

The power supply for the control unit is delivered with a Li-Ion battery without memory effect. The buttons are illuminated for day and night operation and the engine Start/Stop button is centrally positioned. The device is charged in a cradle in the driver's cab and a belt clip and magnetic holder included in the equipment prevent loss. The thumb wheel is removable for cleaning.

According to the company, the unit delivers significantly reduced cycle times through the avoidance of travel times, which lowers energy consumption and cycle costs. It also enables fuel savings and reduction of noise and pollutant emissions through the engine Start/Stop technology.

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