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Environmental control unit

Ship-wide climate control

The Elite cabin control keypad/display by Dometic (USA) is a microprocessor-based controller. It was designed for the control and monitoring of split and self-contained direct expansion boat air conditioning systems in marine environments.

(Photo: Dometic)

THE CONTROL CAN BE USED WITH CHILLED-WATER air handlers and is called the AH-Elite in that application. It operates at 115 V or 230 V, each operable at 50 cycles or 60 cycles. The product features raised buttons for access and control. The Mode button is used to scroll through the four modes of operation, simplifying programming.

The bezel of the product is available in a variety of colors and materials to match the vessel’s interior of the user. The original display, available in grey or white, supports the so-called Vimar Idea line of bezels. The display operates with the Passport I/O circuit board of the company that utilizes SMT technology.
The I/O circuit board offers an optional integrated CAN network adapter that provides ship-wide network monitoring of multiple DX systems and air handlers. It is available in two CAN communication protocols to support connection to several popular helm and cabin touchscreen control systems.

The display is flash programmable, which allows future software upgrades without the need to replace the circuit board. A ground shield protects against static interference and RF noise, and the circuit board is coated to provide resistance to external damage or corrosion. A display cable connects the panel to the system controller.

Dometic provides microprocessor-based cabin controls for precise monitoring and control of the temperature and humidity levels of interior spaces. The controls work with all types of Dometic air conditioning systems. The optional CAN network adapter allows control over multiple air handlers, evaporators, or self-contained air conditioners via the ship-wide network.

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