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Readability in mining machines

Epec (Finland) has released the 6107 Display Unit. It is a configurable 7-inch full-color display designed for mobile machinery. CANopen and J1939 support are provided.

The size of the unit is 185 mm x 128 mm x 49,5 mm (Photo: Epec)

THE UNIT COMBINES MODERN COMPUTING, software and display technology, which makes it a solution for heavy-duty applications like mining machines, excavators, agricultural machinery, wheel loaders, etc. The programmable graphical user interface provides an opportunity to maximize machine usability and efficiency, while staying user friendly, says the company.

The product is equipped with two CAN interfaces, one Ethernet and two USB interfaces, together with an EIA-232 serial interface via M12 and AMP23 connector. These interfaces allow the machine to be connected to higher-level information systems, such as databases for monitoring production. Support for CANopen and J1939 are also provided. The unit comes with a flash of 4 GiB and RAM of 1034 MiB.

Programmable with Codesys 3.5

The unit is Codesys 3.5 programmable to fulfill the needs required of a central operator interface for mobile machines. Codesys 3.5 can be used to design display gauge meters, icons, buttons, texts, etc. The display application may have several windows and is used to adjust and store system parameters, application back-up copies, system event logs, etc. In addition, software tools are also available to enable implementation of user applications.

The design and shape of the unit housing works to protect the electronics inside against mechanical wear. The display supports both panel and frame mounting. The enclosed aluminum housing provides water and dust proof operation. The display is a widescreen display with a touch screen and comes with a resolution of 800 pixel x 480 pixel. Readability is provided, even in direct sunlight.

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