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Tire pressure monitoring for the driver

Pressure Pro and Xite Solutions have announced a partnership agreement and product integration. The integration will utilize J1939/CAN protocols to add TPMS capabilities to in-cab infotainment solutions.

Xite’s infotainment units (Photo: Xite Solutions)

XITE’S INFOTAINMENT SOLUTIONS FEATURE FULL COLOR, high resolution, and come with touch-screen controls. With the integration, users will gain complete, direct TPMS (tire pressure monitoring systems) functionality from programming and customization to touch-of-the-screen use and reporting. The collaboration will utilize Pressure Pro’s J1939/CAN protocols to add TPMS capabilities to Xite’s in-cab infotainment solutions.

“We are particularly excited about our pending integration with Xite Solutions North America,” stated Nathalie Zaroor from Pressure Pro. “This integration is going to bring our customers the full capacity and benefits of our advanced tire performance monitoring solutions, in one of the most user friendly formats we’ve ever seen.”

The TPMS system offers real time pressure readings when the vehicle is moving or parked. It has two levels of low pressure alerts and a upper pressure alert that can be set by the user. It also comes with a high temperature alert and built-in data logging capabilities.

“We are very pleased to be working with the folks at Pressure Pro and incorporating their leading TPMS technology to our Infotainment functionality” said Craig Smith of Xite Solutions. “Our collaborative efforts on the HMI design presents their comprehensive system in an intuitive yet simplistic manner. Now tied with our X2 family of Infotainment, we bring the awareness of safety to the driver with live monitoring as well audio/visual alerts that prioritize over entertainment while driving.”

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