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First AEF-certified Isobus universal terminal

Kverneland Group’s Isomatch Tellus is the first universal terminal in the world to gain an AEF Isobus certification for Task Control Basic and Section Control. The terminal has two Isobus screens.

The terminal features an integrated tractor ECU program to display relevant tractor information (Photo: Kverneland)

USING ISOBUS AS THE INTERFACE, the terminal can communicate with all Isobus machines and is equipped to drive with GPS systems. The touch screen is designed for long working days. Two screens allow the user to follow the performance of both the implement and the tractor. The terminal passed the AEF certification test November 6, 2014.

"With the Isomatch Tellus terminal with Geocontrol, it is easy to operate other Isobus machinery,” said David Hines, an arable farmer from the UK. “No matter which tractor I am using, I can connect my spreader to any Isobus tractor. And when buying a new machine you don’t need to buy another terminal with different applications. Just plug and play! With section control I save on my fertilizer because it will stop the spreading when you already been in a particular place. Furthermore I can save and exchange my tasks, maps and performances.”

Isomatch Geocontrol comes with the terminal. It is a software application, which includes task control basic, section control, and variable rate control. This is used to boost accuracy and efficiency, while allowing integration with precision farming systems. It is now possible to accurately drill, spray, and spread without any overlap. According to the manufacturer, this precision farming application is compatible to all Isobus machines.

Kverneland Group is one of the seven founding members of the AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation), which was formed to steer Isobus development and standardization. Therefore, the latest regulations, e.g. the "Isobus Shortcut Button" are integrated in the Isomatch Tellus. The Shortcut Button conforms to the latest ISO 11783 standardization. When the operator detects an unsafe situation and presses the button, a safety message will be sent to the connected implement.

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