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Operating panel

Dual-touch function

With the ETT 732, Sigmatek (Germany) has introduced an operating panel with a 7-inch wide screen display and dual-touch function. It provides two CAN interfaces, among others.

The ETT 732 operating panel comes with dual-touch (Photo: Sigmatek)

EQUIPPED WITH AN EDGE2 TECHNOLOGY PROCESSOR, the mountable unit is suited for visualization tasks. The 7-inch wide screen panel with projected capacitive touch screen, LED backlight, and a resolution of 800 pixel x 480 pixel (15:9) enables visualization of the machine data. With the dual-touch technology of the product, handling machines and systems is simpler and more intuitive according to the company. Familiar gestures from the consumer world such as zooming, scrolling or other 2-finger movements, provide a better operating feeling and comfort.

The ETT 732 comes with a black-framed front glass with anti-reflective coating enclosed in an aluminum frame. Several interfaces, such as two CAN, Ethernet, USB and EIA-232, are integrated and provide communication, configuration, data transmission, and the connection of peripheral devices. The fan-less, front IP54-protected operating panel measures 18,4 cm x 13,9 cm x 4,2 cm and withstands operating temperatures up to 60 °C.

In the unit, the Linux-based, real-time operating system Salamander is used. Due to the object-oriented engineering tool Lasal, implementation of modern operating concepts is provided.

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