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Dialog module

Optical bonding averts condensation

Ifm (Germany) has introduced its products for 2015, among them the PDM360 NG-12, which is a dialog module for mobile machines. It is also available with a resistive touchscreen and optical bonding technology.

The PDM360 NG-12 dialog module features CANopen and J1939 (Photo: ifm)

POWERFUL PROCESS AND DIALOG MODULES for operation and visualization in mobile machines are gaining more and more importance. This one from Ifm comes with a 12,1-inch graphic display, a 32-bit controller, readability, and programming. The optical bonding technology eliminates the clearance between front glass and display and so prevents interfering condensation. In addition, it improves readability of the display under different viewing angles. Protected by a scratch-resistant glass pane, the 12,1-inch TFT display with a resolution of 1024 pixel x 768 pixel ensures visual detection even in unfavorable sunlight conditions. The display also provides backlit function keys and a navigation key with tactile feedback.

Four CAN interfaces with CANopen and J1939 protocol, an internal mass storage, USB interface, and interfaces for analog cameras ensure universal use. Due to the flat and fully sealed die-cast zinc housing with the protection rating IP65 and IP67 the unit is especially suitable for outdoor-use and in cabins for surface or panel mounting.

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