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Ergonomic, configurable control solution

The WM-580 CAN Joystick from Williams Controls is a hand-operated device which allows movement on a single or dual axis. It comes in over 50 variants, thus meets a range of application needs.

(Photo: Williams Controls)

DURING THE DESIGN, THE COMPANY WORKED DIRECTLY with equipment operators on product designs under the supervision of a human kinetics. The resulting grip and control options are designed to minimize user fatigue and repetitive stress risk while maximizing comfort. The joystick provides variable control over attached devices and mechanisms of off highway vehicles. The inputs to the joystick are via motions in the X and Y directions. The input motions are limited to 20° in both the X and Y directions and 27° in directions off axes (corner to corner).

A ball and socket concept was used to reduce the number of components and simplify the complexity of moving parts. As a result the joystick has better environmental protection and substantial increase in endurance life, according to the company. Additional operator inputs may come by way of pushbuttons, thumbwheel, or trigger. All outputs are via the CAN J1939 protocol. A fully potted circuit board provides trouble free performance in high-moisture environments as well as superior resistance to shock, vibration and chemical exposure. Water-tight electronics are encapsulated to IP67. With over 50 variations of the WM-580, the company can meet almost any application need.

The product is available in either a left or right hand version. Both right and left hand versions are available with or without a trigger, with or without a thumbwheel, and up to six pushbuttons mounted on the button panel. Joystick bases are available in either a left or right hand version. Base only configurations with wire harnesses are available which can accept a trigger and up to six pushbuttons or a thumbwheel with a trigger and up to four pushbuttons.

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