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Isobus terminals

For fertilizer spreaders

TT agriculture machines have been developed for seed or fertilizer transport and metering. Kuhn offers for these machines compatibility to its Isobus CCI terminals.

(Photo: Kuhn)

THE TT MACHINES CAN BE USED FOR SEEDING GRAIN by adding a Seedflex coulter bar or for supplying starter fertilizer with a Maxima 2 or Planter 3 precision seed drill. Their capacities of 3500 l and 6000 l reduce the number of required loadings. With its electrically driven volumetric metering unit, the TT 3500 is adapted for coulter bars or precision seed drills up to a 6-m working width. As for the TT 6500, it is intended for intensive use. Its two metering units allow feeding coulter bars and precision seed drills up to a 9-m working width. These two machines can be monitored directly by the tractor’s compatible Isobus terminal.

Isobus terminals

The housing of the CCI terminal consists of economically designed stable plastic, which can be provided with an individual film on the front of the unit. The unit features an 8,4-inch screen with 750 cd/m2 light density and a transflective part, which partly reflects the light behind the LCD and enhances the radiation of the screen. At twilight or by night, no bright dazzling display influences the driver, because of an ambient light sensor, which is mounted on the front of the unit and chooses the correct optimum display light. A lighting of the buttons, also connected to the light sensor, supports fatigue-proof operation in the dark.

On the right and left hand side of the display, six softkey buttons (F1-F12) operate according to the operating functions of the trailed machine. Due to a large button on the backside, the function assignments of the right and left softkey buttons may be reflected, which eases one-hand-operations of machine functions. The display features a touch display in order to enable intuitive menu navigations and comfortable data and text entering. An ergonomically incremental encoder featuring a confirm function eases entering and adjustment set-points.

One of the company’s CCI terminals (Photo: Kuhn)

The Isobus-Stop-Button as palm button adjusts the units to safe mode. There are two different configurations, CCI 100 and CCI 200. Both types feature interfaces like EIA-232, CAN, and LIN. The CCI 200 offers additional interfaces like WLAN, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and a second CAN-interface. In order to enable the connection even on tractors without Isobus, an interface is planed to connect it with the tractor signal plug or directly to the cable loom. Via the video entrance, a multiplex device with up to eight cameras can be connected. Data details can be monitored in Isobus-XML format.

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