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CANopen and J1939 support

Smart Control (Shanghai) provides a range of CAN products. These include the programmable keypad ePad and the eTouch, a vehicle display. Both devices support CANopen and J1939.

The ePad keypad power consumption is 10 W (Photo: Smart Control)

THE EPAD KEYPAD WAS ESPECIALLY DESIGNED for harsh environments, with a working temperature of -40 ℃ to +85 ℃, and protection rating of IP67. It is anti-shock, anti-vibration, EMC, moist-proof, and water-proof. Additionally, it comes with a CAN output and also supports CANopen and J1939.It provides a varied number of buttons, selectable between 8,16, or 20.

With each button up to three indicators and icons can be customized. Red indicators are visible under strong sunlight, while the green backlight can be clearly seen at night. The unit responds with a "didi" sound when the user presses a button. It comes with a front shell made of silica gel and back shell made of engineering plastic.

The ePad keypad power consumption is 10 W (Photo: Smart Control)

The eTouch display adopts a Windows CE real-time operating system and comes with a high brightness LED display, which enables reading under strong sunlight. The unit was especially designed for extreme weather conditions and can work even during a thunderstorm, with a working temperature of -40 ℃ to 70 ℃. It is IP65-rated and therefore resistant against vibration and shock. The unit has been certified to Europe CE.

The unit can be extended with GPS/GPRS, a 4 GiB SD card, EEprom memory, SQL data base, power failure safeguard, embedded installation, and customized outlook. For communication the product features two CAN interfaces and also supports CANopen and J1939. Other interfaces are USB and Ethernet.

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