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Panel PC

Railway applications

MEN has launched the DC15 panel PC. It conforms to the UIC 612 standard and has an IP65-protected housing available with either 32 keys or multi-touch.

(Photo: MEN)

THE PANEL PC CAN BE USED FOR DEMANDING HMI applications in the railway sector, for example for monitoring and displaying train functions, for speed optimization or for fleet management. Its 310 mm x 214 mm x 60 mm housing accommodates an impact-resistant 10,4-inch TFT LCD display with LED backlight and a resolution of 1024 pixel x 768 pixel, and 32 pushbuttons typical for railway applications. The electronics inside are IP65 compliant, EN 50155 certified (railway standard), conform to the UIC 612 standard and prepared for coating against dust and humidity.

In addition, the integrated power supply provides a voltage range of 14,4 VDC to 154 VDC, with interruption class S2. The unit operates in the extended temperature range of -40 °C to +70 °C, even without maintenance-prone cooling with fans. Regularly, the communication with the DC15 is based on an AMD processor, two Ethernet, one USB, one Audio, GPIO and a serial interface – all available via M12 connectors on the rear panel. In addition, there is a PCI Express Mini Card slot (alternatively M.2) and μSIM slots for wireless communication like GSM, UMTS, LTE and GPS. The connection to the rail network is flexible, for example via a CAN or MVB (Multifunction Vehicle Bus) interface.

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