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Electronic control solution

Isobus for a slurry tank

Joskin (Belgium) has developed a complete Isobus electronic control solution for a slurry tank. Now, the company plans to fit many machines of its range with the Isobus system.

The 125th Joskin machine fitted with an Isobus electric remote control (Photo: Joskin)

THE ISOBUS SYSTEM ALLOWS THE CUSTOMER to control all possible operations on their machine through a single box or through the terminal of their tractor if it is compatible. Besides functions like opening and closing a valve, switching on and off the flashing beacon, it can also control the pumping arm, the spreading boom sections, the axle suspension, the spreading dosis, etc.

After several years of collaboration with Mueller Elektronik (Germany), one of the experts in the field of electronic solutions for agricultural machinery, Joskin now provide a complete electronic control solution in a slurry tank. Bolstered by its collaboration with Mueller Elektronik, the company proposes now to fit many machines of its range with the Isobus system: tipping trailers, silage trailers, muck spreaders, tanks, cargo, etc.

(Photo: Joskin)

The electronic solution is compatible with all types of the company’s machines. One single terminal can be used for several machines: the terminal recognizes and controls the used vehicle. This means it is unnecessary to buy one or several computers and to arrange a wire and a plug next to it for a forgotten function.

The following example shows the Isobus system on a slurry tank. The program includes the automation of the headland sequences: at the end of a row, a button is pressed and the terminal closes the spreading valve, stops the macerators, and lifts the spreading tool; after a U-turn, the button just has to be pressed once more so that all reverse operations are carried out automatically. Moreover, the flow meter regulates the flow in accordance with the real speed.

Characteristics of the Isobus equipment:

  • Joystick with 18 functions,
  • Panoramic terminal with color screen,
  • Possibility of basic system without terminal (use of the terminal of the tractor or of another tool),
  • Automated sequences,
  • Personalized Isobus documentation (manual only with the functions present on the machine),
  • Possibility of GPS connection for land measuring.

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