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Touch panel

Process monitoring directly on the machine

The ETT 353 by Sigmatek (Austria) is an HMI, equipped with a 3,5-inch resistive touch display. It exchanges data via a CAN network.

The ETT 353 is used for process monitoring directly on the machine (Photo: Sigmatek)

IN COMBINATION WITH A CPU, THE TOUCH PANEL is suited for process visualization of machines and plants with its supply voltage of 24 VDC. The data exchange is handled via a CAN network. The 3,5-inch LCD-display shows the application and parameters and process data can be entered and modified.

The operating panel comes in a plastic housing with dimensions of 11 cm x 15,7 cm x 5,9 cm can be mounted directly on the machine, due to IP54 protection. The company’s integrated, all-in-one engineering tool Lasal is used for programming and visualization of functions.

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