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Touch terminal

With an optional CAN interface

The TBT-A11-056TLC D2 terminal by Incostartec (Germany) consists of a 5,6-inch VGA TFT touch display and a module system from the company. An optional CAN interface is available.

(Photo: Incostartec)

THE PRODUCT IS EQUIPPED with the company’s Picolilly processor module with ARM1135/532 MHz, which is extendable with Cortex A8/A9 with up to 1,2 GHz. A working memory of 128 MiB generates data handling. In addition to a flash memory of 32 MiB, there is an internal μSD- and external a SD-Card slot, which is protected by a movable cover.

The terminal provides interfaces such as two USB 2.0, one EIA-232, and one Ethernet port. Optionally also available are CAN, two serial IF EIA-232/485, I²C bus, free GP I/O’s, WiFi/BT and GSM/GPS. These interfaces are offered according to customer request via to the company’s AUX-Expansion-Module.

The TBT can be fixed in a 2-point fixation or a Vesa mount. The power supply voltage is 9 V to 39 V. Supported operating systems are Windows CE and Linux. The terminal measures 138 mm x 117 mm x 55 mm.


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