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Agritechnica 2015

Universally usable operating and display unit

At the Agritechnica 2015, Bosch Rexroth presents its universally usable Bodas DI4 display. It is suitable for modern operating concepts with service functions in mobile working machines.

(Photo: Bosch Rexroth)

THE UNIT IS PROGRAMMED with the Codesys 3.5 development environment and opens up opportunities for visualization and allocation of functions. In addition, the DI4 simplifies the diagnosis and re-parameterization of Bodas controllers connected via CAN. To do so, service engineers load the new data sets via the integrated USB interface and flash them onto the corresponding controller in the mobile working machine.

Ease of use and ergonomically optimized control panels are increasing in influence for end users when it come to the decision on which mobile working machines to purchase. For this reason, machine manufacturers are looking for control panels with functions and visualizations that can be freely designed and that can be flexibly incorporated into the cockpit. According to the company, the display fulfills these requirements for hardware and software purposes.

Manufacturers program the latest generation of displays with the Codesys 3.5 development environment, which is available globally. They can visualize any of the machine functions both statically and dynamically. In addition to two hardkeys for set functions, 12 freely programmable function buttons are available. In addition, the driver can intuitively select functions without visual contact with the control panel with a turn/push button. Ease of use is further increased by the illuminated operating elements and the four color-LED indicator elements.

Servicing with the USB interface and "flashing"

The DI4 expands the Bodas mobile electronic modular system and additionally simplifies the servicing of mobile working machines, says the company. Using the display as a master, authorized maintenance technicians or operators can access other Bodas control units from Rexroth integrated in the machine without an external diagnosis tester and also outside of workshops. The display reads out active and saved errors and therefore accelerates the diagnosis. The service engineer can load new parameters for the Bodas controller via the integrated USB interface, with a USB stick for example, or transfer new application programs by "flashing".

Designers can use the DI4 as a stand-alone unit or position the display in the cockpit – either portrait or landscape. The product can be rotated in 90-degree steps and is equally suitable for left-handers and right-handers due to its symmetrical layout. The standard version includes two video interfaces, two CAN interfaces and a USB interface, as well as numerous analog and digital inputs and outputs. The PRO version also includes a touch display, with which users can swipe through functions, an Ethernet interface and it will also have a Bluetooth interface in future.

In addition, by using the preinstalled PDF viewer and audio and video player, machine manufacturers can make multimedia-based content available. This simplifies the learning curve and supports users in the proper use of seldom-used functions.

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