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SPS IPC Drives 2015

CANopen-compliant keypad

Blink Marine (Italy) presents its Power Track vehicle display controller at the SPS IPC Drives. The keypad is CANopen compliant and offers optional J1939 communication.

The Power Track is CANopen compliant (Photo: Limitor)

THE POWER TRACK KEYPAD and its rotary encoder were both designed by Blink Marine as a natural evolution of the Powerkey 1000, from which it has inherited the same visual design. Together with the six quick-pick keys, the addition of a rotary pushbutton knob enables managing complex scroll functions on the display and interfacing with onboard systems via CAN.

The keypad boasts numerous personalization options, thanks to the management of multicolor LEDs. The intensity of the LEDs can be adjusted, whilst any LED indicator – whether fixed or blinking – can be personalized according to color preference. Backlighting for the keypad is also adjustable. The keypad sends a continuous broadcast of messages to indicate it is still functioning correctly. The frequency of these messages can be adjusted as needed. According to CiA 305 the device has the ability to change node ID and bit rate for easier mass production.

The product features an operating temperature of -40 °C to 70 °C (Photo: Limitor)

Software features

The Power Track communicates via the CANopen CiA 301 profile, while J1939 and EIA-485 are optional available. Additionally, the product allows users to assign any valid CAN address to the keypad. The keypad can send messages to the network indicating a button press event or a button release event has occurred. This confirmation allows digital systems to have the same input acknowledgements as that of the latching positions of a mechanical switch.

The keypad can be configured to send messages via CANopen, on a predetermined frequency. This frequency can be set as low as every 10 milliseconds. This feature can be used to monitor the continuity of the system and is also helpful in troubleshooting a fault.

The company already showcased the product at the Agritechnica fair in Hanover and now presents its keypad at the SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg, Germany, too. The exhibition takes place from 24 November to 26 November.