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Embedded World 2016

Touch-based control interface for special vehicles

Schleissheimer (Germany) presents an interface platform for special vehicles at Embedded World 2016. The system enables drivers to operate both base vehicle functions and body application electronics via a single touchscreen.

The platform integrated in a vehicle (Photo: Schleissheimer/Mueller Umwelttechnik)

THE COMPANY'S MAN-MACHINE-INTERFACE is based on a panel PC with a touch-screen. An intuitive display application renders switches and controls graphically. Warning indicators help users recognize and avoid errors. The interface controls both, the body applications and the base vehicle’s CAN network.

“Before, specialty body electronics and vehicle bus systems were never designed to interact. Both used to operate separately without exchanging any information,” said Hans-Joachim Schleissheimer, CEO of Schleissheimer. “Our new interface concept pools all information into a single place. In addition, individual works steps can be grouped to create automated workflows, reducing an operator’s workload and lessening the risk of human error. This is a great benefit for all specialty vehicle manufacturers as well as their customers.”

The system enables drivers to operate base vehicle functions and body application electronics via a single touchscreen (Photo: Schleissheimer)

The interface platform is already used in products of Mueller Umwelttechnik (Germany). This company manufactures specialty vehicles for sewer system cleaning and wet waste disposal. A gateway controller collects data via CAN from a variety of different vehicle systems and presents it to the driver on the panel’s PC display. In addition, the data feeds an integrated learning algorithm. This supplies users with indications on how to improve their work processes; for example on how to make cleaning processes quicker. Visitors to the Embedded World 2016 fair can take a look at the platform at stand 204 in hall 4. Schleissheimer will showcase the product samples of the panel PC and display applications installed in the vehicles of Mueller Umwelttechnik. The exhibition takes place in Nuremberg, Germany from February 23 to 25, 2016.

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