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5,7-inch display

Monitoring and control system

The D2310 by Graf-Syteco is a rugged operating, monitoring, and control system for vehicle machines. Three CAN interfaces are provided. J1939 is also supported.

The D2310 offers one galvanically isolated CAN interface (Photo: Graf-Syteco)

AS AN EXTENSION OF THE D PRODUCT LINE, the D2310 system is equipped with a digital 5,7-inch display with a resolution of 640 pixels × 480 pixels. Therefore it is suitable for visually monitoring complex machine functions. The option as touchscreen enables a control for the local vehicle operators. Eight tactile keys and one digital potentiometer with pushbutton functions are for operation inputs.

The performance of the product is achieved by a Cortex A9-M4 processor with 256 MiB RAM, 64 MiB Flash, and 8 KiB FRAM which enables computing power for control functions of heavy machinery. Meanwhile, up to 32 GiB memory for machine operation is available optionally. Furthermore, the interface hardware is installed with three CAN interfaces (one of them is galvanically isolated), USB, and Ethernet for communication. Actuators and sensors can be connected directly to the D2310 via four digital inputs, two digital outputs, and four analog inputs.

The front of the unit meets industrial protection class IP65 and is designed for operations in environmentally harsh outdoor conditions, such as agricultural, construction, municipal, and shipbuilding applications. The back meets protection class IP54. For programming, the product is supplied together with Graf-Design Studio (GDS) software as well as Codesys according to customer demand.

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