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Multifunctional display

Display and control elements combined

The MCA 430 by Motometer (Germany) shows any data from CAN and all analog and digital I/Os on one display. A CAN interface is provided.

(Photo: Motometer)

The menu control within the unit works over four illuminated, freely programmable keys. All signals coming from the CAN network and the analog inputs can be indicated on the integrated TFT display. The multifunctional display is individually programmable. Because of the application tool Codesys the users don’t need any programming knowledge. It is possible to various information at the same time e.g. the real-time clock, alarm messages, or settings of machine functions. Using the tool, all available information can be displayed individually. Depending on the customer’s wishes, the data can be indicated as classic gauges, bar graph, text, or digital value.

Error identification

The product is equipped with a CAN interface, nine analog inputs, one frequency input, eight digital inputs, seven PWM outputs, and two digital outputs for integration in the on-board electrical system. To avoid long failures of machines, CAN errors can be displayed, so the operator knows exactly where the error is, to give the workshop in front a detailed failure description. The integrated eight LED indicator lights and the TFT display in different colors make it possible to visualize different situations.

The 4,3-inch display with 24-bit color depth and the resolution of 480 pixels x 270 pixels realizes high contrast images. The instruments are resistant to oils, hydraulic oils, grease, fuels, and biological fuels, meaning MCA 430 will permanently resist deformation, position effects, and ageing, says the company. This resistance and the operating voltage between 12 V and 24 V make the product suitable for construction machines, commercial vehicles, and all types of vehicles for the public service, as well as agricultural sectors to stationary motors or working equipment. The casing measures 102 mm x 118 mm x 9mm and is suitable for use under extreme conditions because of the IP67 protection class.

Further innovations of the company are the multifunctional display MCA 232 and the CAN-Keypad.


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