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Operator interface

HMI on ball swivel mount

Graf-Syteco has expanded its D-series to an operating and control device for heavy mobile equipment. The D3510 has a housing with a heavy duty ball swivel mounting system.

The control panel measures 205 mm x 170 mm x 62 mm (Photo: Graf-Syteco)

The ball swivel mounting system allows mounting almost anywhere in the cab of heavy construction, mining, shipbuilding, municipal, agricultural, or other mobile equipment. The device can be used in harsh outdoor environments and meets or exceeds standards including DIN EN 60068-2, with an operating temperature from -20 °C to +70 °C and a durability that meets IP65 standards. There are two CAN interfaces as well as an Ethernet, one EIA-232, and one USB interface.

The control device is equipped with a 32-bit ARM9 processor with 64 MiB RAM, 32 MiB Flash and 8 KiB FRAM, which provides computing power to control tasks and allow clear visual functionality. The 7-inch display has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and is therefore also suitable for displaying complex machine conditions. With its 12 illuminated short stroke keys, the control allows for operator inputs and for integration into automation architecture.

The D3510 includes the Graf-Design Studio (GDS) software with all functions programmed. It can also be programmed with CoDeSys or in C. It is suitable for heavy mobile outdoor machinery in all industries and municipalities.


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