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CANopen, J1939, and NMEA 2000 monitors

Cantronik (UK) has added CANopen, J1939, and NMEA 2000 capabilities to its range of displays. The 7-inch and 3,5-inch monitors are sunlight viewable.

The CANvu 700 (Photo: Cantronik)

The CANvu 700 monitor has a high-resolution 7-inch touchscreen color display. It offers two CAN connections, 14 analog inputs, four digital inputs, eight outputs, Ethernet, and USB to allow multiple functionality and increased input and output capability. The high brightness WVGA (800 pixels x 480 pixels) color display is sunlight viewable and the unit is sealed. Electrically and environmentally rugged, the display provides instrumentation in harsh environments.

The CANvu 355 LP (Photo: Cantronik)

The CANvu 355 LP and the CANvu 355 Lite models come with a 3,5-inch color display and offer a low profile body for a sleeker look and improved keypad that is backlit for greater visibility at night. Both models have a high brightness QVGA (320 x 240 pixels) color display, which is sunlight viewable and the unit is also sealed. The CANvu 355 and 355 Lite monitors feature EIA-485/J1708 ports, which replace or are added to the EIA-232 ports.

The company added NMEA 2000 and CANopen capabilities throughout the range. The CANvu 355 and 700 engine monitors have been through a rigorous testing process by Cummins Engine Company and are now officially approved as J1939 Tier 4 compliant.


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