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Users choose switches and buttons

Tyro Remotes (Netherlands) has launched Pollux, a remote control that can be used in CAN networks. Customers can determine whether the remote has buttons, switches, and analog or digital joysticks.

The remote control comes with the ability to operate it in one hand (Photo: Tyro Remotes)

Pollux is suitable for demanding industrial applications. It can be used as a tractor operating system, but also for operating machines in forestry, robots, roadside mowers, harvesters, professional high-pressure cleaners, and other machines. The stainless steel components make it possible to carry the remote control on your body by means of an integrated belt clip.

Users can decide which analog or digital switches and buttons they require, regardless of the amount of units that they purchase. The company can build joysticks, buttons and switches, in accordance with the requirements of the user’s system. Data feedback is also available. Users can choose between a short lever and a long lever.

Suitable in combination with serial bus systems

Too use the Pollux remote control in combination with a fieldbus network, one has to make use of the Virgo remote control system from Tyro. Variants of the networks are for example CANopen, Ethernet, and Profibus. Through the display, it is possible to receive real time feedback from digital and analog line values and readings. The control is dirt- and moisture resistant (IP65) and has a reaction time of 0,1 s.

In addition to the potentiometer, tumbler switches, push buttons, and position switches, the remote control can apply both an analog and a digital joystick to the control system. Both joysticks have the movement capacity of four positions; the difference is that the analog joystick has a variable adjustment.

Users can choose a radiographic remote control with or without display. By combining operation with the display it is possible to adjust certain settings in a menu. Depending on the radiographic receiver users can also receive feedback messages via the display. The keypad is provided with a backlight function so that the icons at the switches are illuminated from below. Users choose which button they want to associate with the icon of their choice. The icons are embedded in the keypad.


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