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CANopen display

Support for CiA 301 and parts of CiA 401

The CAN display HE 5120 by Hesch (Germany) is used for the visualization e.g. of weight and level. For connection, CANopen is supported.

Top and front view of the HE 5120 (Photo: Hesch)

The various physical units of the display are identified over LEDs. The device has a switch contact, which can be used optionally as digital output or limit switch. The CAN connection takes place according to ISO 11898. The display with integrated CAN controller supports the transmission according to the CAN 29-bit identifier extended frame format and the CAN 11-bit identifier base frame format. It also supports the CANopen protocol according to CiA 301 and parts of CiA 401.

Parameter-settings define which information of a CAN message is displayed in which format. The settings of the parameterization are stored non-volatile. The five-digit seven-segment display comes with an operating temperature of 0 °C to +50 °C and a control panel built-in casing according to DIN 43700. It needs a power supply of 24 VDC. The display measures 96 mm x 24 mm x 110 mm. Additionally, it provides a DIP-switch (eight-pin) for CAN node address and switchable CAN termination.


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