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CAN display gets Qt

Grayhill offers OEMs a kit for developing applications in Qt to run on their 3D50 display series.

The 3D50 display series is Qt ready (Photo: Grayhill)

Qt is used for developing applications because it is device agnostic; running one code set on many different hardware and software platforms. Grayhill has chosen to offer this option to their customers because Qt has many tools for creating a custom user interface design.

User experience is important when an operator interacts with a display in an agriculture or construction vehicle. In these situations, the operator needs an application that won’t distract from the task at hand. Vehicle OEMs want a well-designed and branded application that conveys the competence on which their reputation was built. Qt can help the application developer achieve these objectives by offering tools for developing a rich graphical user interface.

With Qt, developers can build cross-platform applications with a modular C++ class library and an integrated development environment. They can design a graphical user interface with Qt widgets or use declarative CSS and a JavaScript-like UI language. These modules and add-ons include APIs for data visualization and visual editors with drag-and-drop functionality.

The company says they have made it easy to start developing applications for their 3D50 display series using Qt. With the purchase of a software development kit, the recipient gains access to guides for setting up the hardware and installing the software as well as the core Qt module. The 3D50 SDK (software development kit) series includes a touchscreen display in a mount for desktop use. The mount holds a PC board with interfaces for CAN communications, as well as I/O and video camera inputs. A USB-to-CAN adapter with cables is included for PC connectivity.

As one of the most widely deployed cross-platform development frameworks, Qt has a user base of over 800 000 developers. Because of this, there are many resources available for training and collaborative problem solving. Qt also offers professional support and community forums.


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