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Retrofit solution

Isobus for all tractors

The Isobus retrofit ISO FIT by Reichhardt (Germany) brings Isobus to all tractors, regardless of the brand or year of manufacture. With the ISO Control joysticks, the functions of modern Isobus implements can be held under control.

ISO Control joysticks are mounted in the driver’s reach and immediately ready for use (Photo: Reichhardt)

The variety of functions on modern Isobus implements often complicates the operation via an ISO-VT. ISO Control joysticks, which are available in two options, enable the operation of all AUX-N compatible Isobus (according to ISO 11783) machines. The operation elements of the joystick can be independently configured and its function settings can be changed at any time. ISO Control supports digital, as well as analog functions.

Michael Wismer, the head of Product Management and Sales at Reichhardt, is convinced: “With the new ISO Control joysticks by Reichhardt the operation of a fertilizer spreader for example is more efficient and convenient than previously when using the touchscreen of an ISO-VT.” Besides the joysticks, modules such as the ISO FIT front plug, the T-ECU, and the ISO FIT receiver adapter, complete the range.



The retrofit solution comes with a variety of modules (Photo: Reichhardt)

Even though Isobus implements have already become an integral part of modern field work, the Isobus option is not always available on the tractor. ISO FIT provides a Isobus retrofit cable harness with an Isobus rear plug and an ISO in-cab plug, which can be individually extended by the ISO FIT front plug, the T-ECU, or the ISO FIT receiver adapter. Multiple Isobus implements can be operated using a single ISO-VT. ISO FIT is compatible with all tractors, Isobus terminals, and many GNSS receivers.


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