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HTML-based visualization of machine data

Janz Tec’s emWEB panel devices are designed to visualize machine data provided in web pages. The web panels come with HTML5 browser support and optional Codesys environment and CAN interface.

The 7-inch panel has IP65 at the front side and IP20 at the rear side (Photo: Janz Tec)

Web technologies are advancing in almost all areas of daily life. Whether it be mobile devices, online games or in business environments: a large part of the software used daily is already utilized directly via web browser and no longer installed in the usual way. Web technologies are also more and more replacing classically-installed visualization tools in machine controls. Therefore, Janz Tec has designed a display system for use at control points in industrial environments in a solid metal sheet housing.

The advantages of the web panel emWEB, especially when handling several control points, include lower costs for the system hardware, which need not be run at high-performance, and the easier maintenance of the visualization masks. These can be kept and maintained on one system and do not need to be distributed to individual terminals, which would cause more expenditure. Today, many control systems, sensors, and drives already have web-based configuration interfaces, which can be integrated into web-based user interfaces. There are absolutely no more licenses necessary for client applications.

The web panel was designed to visualize machine data provided on websites. The hardware is based on a Freescale i.MX6 processor, has displays suitable for industry, a 24-V power supply, and is simple to integrate into the machine network via an Ethernet interface. Because of its design as a single board system, a reduced installation depth can be achieved. The panel has an operating temperature range of 0 °C to +55 °C.

The pre-installed Linux operating system builds the basis for the HTML5-based web browser, which automatically starts in full-screen kiosk mode after booting the system and also automatically connects with a pre-set web server address. The panel can be used with visualizations based on HTML5. The configuration also takes place via a web browser. Four programmable buttons on the front, a capacitive touch screen, and a CAN interface are available as additional options.

Instead of a web browser, the system can also be equipped with a Codesys V3 runtime environment. Together with the integrated Codesys target visualization, the web panel is thus a control and operating system for smaller machines. It will be initially available with a 7-inch display screen starting in Q3/2016. Further screen sizes are already being planned.


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