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Unbreakable joystick with CAN

Caldaro has tried to construct an unbreakable joystick: the C15. It can be used across a spectrum from the toughest working environments to exquisitely high precision fine-tuned medical equipment.

The joystick works for 1000 hours in +85 °C and 24 hours at -40 °C (Photo: Caldaro)

To become unbreakable, the C15 joystick has protected electronics: the circuit board and electronics are potted with a compound which protects them from threats such as salt, mist, water, lubricants, and chemicals. The shaft is manufactured in one single piece and with extended dimensions, which makes it practically impossible to bend. The rubber mixture endures tough conditions and the joystick offers single and single and direction switches, as well as double or double independent sensors.

The joystick is available with or without a CAN interface, has various mechanical operating angles (9°, 12°, or 20°), and sealed panel mounting. It is available with a palette of handles for many situations. Custom-made handles can also be done, even with a relatively small production batch.

Caldaro links man and machine

While Caldaro’s core organization was established in the early 1980s as part of a larger company, Caldaro AB wasn’t founded until 1993. Originally it was part of the Bergman and Beving Group, but after a split in 2001 Caldaro became a part of Addtech AB, which has been listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange ever since. The company is an OEM supplier of customer-adapted control components to industrial customers. It is primarily located in Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, Germany and USA.

The company offers more than 20 base models of joysticks, each of them available with or without CAN interface. Customers can also choose between traditional resistive joysticks or contactless hall-effect joysticks, with or without redundancy on vital functions. The majority of the joysticks has a modular design.


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