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CANopen interfaces for multi-touch display

The PiA-SF from Pironex (Germany) is a panel PC based on the piA-AM335x-PM processor module with ARM Cortex-A8 architecture. It has a 10,1-inch multi-touch display, a solid glass front, and LED backlighting.

The product comes in a plastic housing with a temperature range of -10 °C to +60 °C (Photo: Pironex)

Apart from Ethernet, EIA-485, and USB, Pironex’ panel PC also allows data exchange via two CAN/CANopen interfaces as well as wirelessly via GSM/UMTS/LTE. The sustainability of the systems is underlined by the application of Linux. Alternatively to the pre-configured Angstroem basis system, any Linux-distribution with ARMv7 support can be used. For the development of customized applications, a cross compiler SDK (C/C++, QT, diverse libraries) is available. Since the piA-AM335x-PM (processor module) architecture is similar to Beagle-/Craneboard designs, there is a large and actively supporting open-source development community. A performance upgrade is possible by exchanging the processor module.

The 800-MHz capable product comes in a plastic housing including display, glass protection, and LED backlight. It operates in a temperature range of -10 °C to +60 °C, with a power supply of 12 VDC to 230 VDC, as well as an energy consumption of 15 W.


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