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NMEA 2000

On Sea with CAN

The GO9 XSE is the latest addition to the GO Series systems of Simrad. It provides radar capability and multi-touch controls that smartphone and tablet users will instantly find familiar. NMEA 2000 is featured.

(Photo: Simrad)

The GO9 XSE is fully compatible with Simrad Broadband 3G/4G radar systems and features an internal 10-Hz GPS receiver, Structure Scan HD, and CHIRP Sonar for fish finding, autopilot integration for precision control, engine data monitoring, full audio entertainment connectivity with Sonic Hub 2, built-in wireless connectivity, and the Simrad TripIntel trip computer.

The Cruise Charting page combines crucial navigation data and charts into a display, while the TripIntel technology tracks and displays the key information needed to plan a safe and enjoyable day on the water. Fuel range overlaid on charts, current, and future tide levels, and a detailed history of previous trips – including the route taken and how the boat performed – are all provided by the TripIntel functionality.

The Simrad GO9 XSE also connects to NMEA 2000 (IEC 61162-3) compatible equipment aboard vessels with either outboard or inboard engines to show fuel flow, fluid level, speed, heading, and water temperature. A range of cartography options are available, including C-MAP, Navionics, and more. Anglers can take full advantage of the built-in sonar by adding a suitable transducer for accurate, real-time depth tracking and fish finding. A scrollable depth history view allows boaters to track back and set waypoints for promising anchorages.

The Total Scan all-in-one transducer matches Structure Scan HD Imaging, Down Scan Imaging, and CHIRP sonar for picture-like views of the bottom on each side and beneath the boat. Forward Scan sonar technology built into the GO9 XSE (transducer sold separately) also provides forward-looking, two-dimensional sonar views of the bottom depth ahead of a boat – a defense against running aground and an invaluable tool for locating secure sites to drop anchor.


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