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100 000 Isobus terminals sold

To celebrate the 100 000th sold Isobus terminals, Mueller Elektronik offers its Touch1200 universal terminal for 9 900 €.

The Touch1200 Blue-Edition is intended for precision farming (Photo: Mueller Elektronik)

The Blue-Edition, a special version of the Touch1200, is right now available at an anniversary price. In combination with the automatic steering system, this special offer also includes free usage of the company’s Terra Star-L DGPS correction signal for one year. The Isobus terminal can be used both in portrait and in landscape format. In addition to the standard apps Isobus-UT and Isobus-TC, the Blue-Edition also includes the Track-Leader and Section-Control apps. This makes the Touch1200 Blue-Edition a terminal for all Isobus implements – optimally suited for precision farming through the use of prescription maps or the integration of online sensors.

The Touch1200 Blue-Edition comes with GPS and mechanical drive unit (Photo: Mueller Elektronik)

The Blue-Edition in combination with the universally retrofit table Track-Leader Auto eSteer mechanical drive unit enables automatic steering. The steering wheel motor is a conversion solution, which can be used on several machines, regardless of the manufacturer. The mechanical drive unit is installed on the existing steering wheel. During this special offer, free usage of the Terra Star-L (accuracy < 15 cm) DGPS correction signal is included for one year. The Terra Star-L license must be requested before June 20, 2017 as this offer becomes invalid after this date.


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