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Supporting J1939 engines

Cummins (USA) has introduced the C Command Connect panel system for its QSB6.7, QSC8.3, QSL9, and QSM11 marine engines. It supports the J1939 protocol to allow access to engine data and fault information.

C Command Connect supports the J1939 protocol to allow access to engine data and fault information (Photo: Cummins)

Cummins, manufacturer of diesel engines and generator sets for the marine industry, has announced an extension of the C Command product line with the release of C Command Connect. It is a panel system designed for Cummin’s Quantum series QSB6.7, QSC8.3, QSL9, and QSM11 marine engines. A basic system (C Command Connect) and a premium system (C Command Connect Premiere) will be offered at launch at a lower cost than options currently offered on these engines.

The C Command system is a modular selection of instrumentation and control panels engineered to help marine operators protect and enhance engine operation, as well as manage operating costs. Each element is designed for complete integration with the engine and for vessel installation, with “plug and play” capability. All devices of the C Command system are intended for use in marine environments, so enclosures are built to combat vessel vibration, humidity, and ambient conditions in the engine room and at the helm. Each display is configurable, and allows for data presentation. According to the company during development, additional focus was placed on designing quality panels that are readable in variable lighting conditions.

The product leverages existing engine capabilities and throttle-shift systems, including third-party systems, enabling it to upfit existing boat designs. Like the Electronic Control Module (ECM) on Cummins QSB6.7, QSC8.3, QSL9, and QSM11 marine engines, the panel utilizes J1939 protocol, to allow access to engine data and fault information. The system supports J1939 and N2K data interfaces, to allow operators using the Cummins ED4 display panel or third-party gauges and displays for remote monitoring. Operators can monitor multiple engines at multiple display locations.

Like the original C Command system, designed for Cummins Quantum series, the C Command Connect systems utilize a customer interface box (CIB) to centralize vessel connections. The basic and premium applications include user interfaces, an optional ED-4 display panel with a 3,5-inch color display, and N2K gateway capability for remote monitoring. The basic system also includes manual start/stop at the helm. C Command Connect Premiere provides additional functionality and monitoring over that of the basic system. It includes a CIB with integrated ED-4 display panel, N2K output and alarm indication to the helm. The vessel sensor capability allows operators to monitor fuel level, gear oil pressure, and temperature and rudder angle.


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