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Industrial PC series

With CAN add-on card option

B&R has expanded its industrial PC portfolio. The automation (box) PC 3100 and panel PC 3100 come with the latest Core i-series processors.

With its 3100-series of industrial PCs, B&R delivers a range of interface options including CAN (Photo: B&R)

The industrial PCs offer a variety of interface options. Two slots can accommodate cards with CAN, Ethernet, Powerlink, or serial interfaces. The slots can also be used for a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) solution or an audio interface.

The PCs also offer slots for two CFast-format storage devices with up to 256 GiB each. The these devices can be operated as a Raid (Redundant array of independent disks) set as backup protection against failure.

The processors are based on Intel's seventh generation of Core-i technology and can be scaled over the full range – from Celeron to Core i7. All variants are fanless, so the industrial PCs feature no rotating parts.

Whereas the automation PC 3100 is designed to control remote panels, the panel PC 3100 can be combined with a cabinet-mounted automation panel 10,1-inch or larger to form a complete panel PC solution. The options range from 4:3 VGA displays to Full HD widescreen panels, either single- or multi-touch.


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