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Isobus joystick

Control via two proportional axes

Mueller Elektronik has added the Isobus-Joystick PRO to its ME product range. As the name says, it is Isobus compatible.

The Isobus joystick (Photo: Mueller Elektronik)

As an additional operating device that can rapidly access the functions of an Isobus job computer (with AUX-N protocol), the Isobus-Joystick PRO is equipped with nine buttons and a toggle that is used to switch between two levels. This enables the actuation of a total of 18 functions on the Isobus job computer. In this aspect, it is not much different from the regular Isobus-Joystick, which the company offers in its product range.

However, the Iosbus-Joystick PRO is now moveable and can be regulated via two proportional axes. This makes it much easier to control certain functions, such as adjusting the filling arm when filling a slurry tanker, said the company. The joystick complies with the AUX-N standard of the Isobus standard and supports the corresponding functions of the implement.


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