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Arduino shield

TFT display with CAN interface

The CleO50 by FTDI comprises a 5-inch LCD with resistive touch functionality. It provides multiple interfaces.

No transceiver on board (Photo: FTDI/Bridgetek)

The shield with an 800 pixels x 480 pixels display can be used for Arduino and Mikrobus boards. It is based on the FT900 micro-controller by FTDI and the FT812 embedded video engine (EVE) graphic controller. On board are camera and PWM audio output interfaces. The product also features USB, I2S, Micro-SD card, and CAN interfaces. The CAN interface does not provide a transceiver, just the TXD and RXD ports of the CAN controller embedded in the micro-controller. The CAN signals are available at a 10-pin socket connector. This connector is also used for the I2S interface. The supplier provides demo software on its website. Bridgetek, a company headquartered in Singapore, offers the Arduino shield developed by FTDI. It is a daughter company of FTDI.


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