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Smartphone as HMI connected to CAN

At the Eurobike tradeshow, Cobi (Germany) has introduced a CAN interface connecting smartphones to the pedelec’s CAN network. It is compatible with Bosch’s CAN protocol.

The seamless integration of smartphones is supported by the CAN-connectable eAir module (Photo: Cobi)

The eAir system connects iPhone and Android phones my means of USB or Bluetooth to the Pedelec’s internal CAN network. The hub can replace the Intuvia and Nyon displays. The supplier offers also the necessary apps to display and control the supported functions. The software is optimized for iOS 9.0 or higher. Pedelecs using a Bosch motor can be retrofitted with the eAir module. Light electric vehicles (LEV) such as pedelecs with drives from TransX require a pre-equipment by the pedelec supplier.

The CAN interface is accessible via a 7-pin socket connector. Besides controlling the motor, the eAir system also allows to control other pedelec functions including lighting. There is available a version of the eAir hub with integrated headlamp. For OEMs (e.g. pedelec manufacturers), Cobi offers a development kit. The products support motors from Bosch, Brose, Go SwissDrive, and TransX.


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