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CAN keypad

Customizable for various needs

Marlin Technologies' keypads and related control devices are compatible with 12-V to 48-V systems and are available sealed and IP67-rated. They can be constructed as the user they need.

Switch operation options can be: momentary, latched, or radio button (Photo: Marlin Technologies)

The CAN keypads are designed to replace conventional switches and pushbuttons, said the company. The keypads can be designed to accommodate various power supplies, protocols, and mounting styles. They are available with either silicon rubber or polyester membrane material and can be designed with as many buttons as the users application requires. The company customizes the keypads to meet their needs for functionality, aesthetics, and dimensions.

The customization includes shape, size, and layout of the keypad, the quantity of pushbutton switches respectively CAN switches, the LED indicators, LED backlighting, as well as the choice of connector brands. Additionally it can be chosen, if the users wants to use J1939, CANopen, or a proprietary higher-layer protocol. Operating voltage include 12 VDC, 24 VDC, and 48 VDC.


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