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7-inch display

CAN-capable and multifunctional

Wuerth Elektronik ICS has added the Wecabin i7 display to its ICS product and service portfolio. It is for mobile machines and commercial vehicles.

The Wecabin (Photo: Wuerth Elektronik)

The multifunctional display- and operating-solution is suitable for supplying electrical power and controlling vehicle functions. The product visualizes, monitors, and controls all commands or status information transmitted via the CAN network or Ethernet, e.g. alarm messages or diagnostic data. Two CAN networks, four digital inputs and outputs, one EIA-232/EIA-485 port, one Ethernet port, and two USB ports, provide connectivity. Bluetooth and WiFi interfaces are optionally available. An ARM Cortex A8 processor with 512 MiB of RAM and a 4-GiB flash memory enables the work inside and is suited for demanding control tasks. It comes with a Linux-based operating system.

The display can be adapted in many ways to suit individual customer requirements. The Wecabin Designer programming environment gives customers the chance to integrate their own individual look and feel, for example by placing their logo into the graphic user interface or by designing customized widgets. Furthermore, the customers can integrate their individual graphic libraries. Alternatively, a standard library of Wecabin Designer widgets and icons is available. “On request, we also develop and integrate specific widgets for our customers”, said Arnaud Wendling, Product Manager at Wuert.

The graphic user interface can be designed and programmed with Wecabin Designer using drag-and-drop function. A self-developed graphic user interface can also be simulated and tested within the programming environment without having to previously upload it onto the display. The projective-capacitive touch display with optical bonding has a brightness intensity of 500 cd/m² (optionally 1,000 cd/m²). The display can be used in direct sunlight or in the dark. It can be operated with touch gestures (pan, zoom, swipe), as well as with several fingers simultaneously. Advanced features – such as a PDF reader, web browser, user management, gesture control, alarm storage, or video streaming – offer possibilities in HMI interaction and vehicle use.

The IP66-compliant housing with 3,2-mm thick hardened scratchproof glass offers protection against mechanical stress. The display can therefore be used in mobile machines and commercial vehicles even under harsh environmental conditions.

According to Dr. Klaus Wittig, Managing Director of ICS said, “The Wecabin display i7 can be used to display and operate numerous vehicle and convenience functions in mobile machines and commercial vehicles. Its development is a logical consequence of our efforts to offer our customers even more benefits from a single source.” The display integrates harmoniously into both new and existing cabin concepts. Together with other Wuerth Elektronik ICS products, such as the ICCS controllers and central electrical units, it provides a highly functional all-in-one solution. “It helps us to sustainably expand our position as a provider of electrical and electronic systems for vehicles”, Wittig explained.


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