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SPS IPC Drives 2017

Touch panel can be configured to operate within seconds

The Automotive Glass System from Christ Electronic Systems (Germany) is a touch panel which was designed to be used in mobile working machines. It comes with a CAN interface.

The panels come with a CAN interface (Photo: Christ Electronic Systems)

At the SPS IPC Drives 2017 the company showed its 12,1-inch multi-touch display which comes with a luminosity of 1600 cd/m2 and enables legibility even under intensive insolation. The sensitive light sensor integrated in the front glass adapts the display brightness to the one of the environment. The touch panel comes with lighting counting 60 000 operating hours half life, a iMX6 Quadcore 1 GHz processor from NXP, as well as 1 GiB RAM and 4 GiB Nand Flash.

The housing is made of anodized aluminum. With a depth of 41 mm and a weight of 2,4 kg the product looks like an opened tablet PC installed in a driver's cabin. It can be configured so that the boot procedure begins with the application of the ignition signal, making it ready to operate within seconds. Voltage peaks are often unavoidable in working machines and are intercepted by means of an integrated Load Dump Protection suppressor circuit.

Along other interfaces, redundant CAN serves the communication. The extended supply voltage range allows the unlimited operation even with a very low battery. The panel works under passive cooling and without mobile electronic elements, which would be subject to vibrations and permanently lead to failures. The extended operating temperature range and the IP65 complete protection allow the use out of a protecting driver's cabin.

A loudspeaker offering sound quality even when machines run, is integrated on the back side of the device. The company realizes individual wishes such as the logo integration in the front glass, the free selection of the color of the touch glass, the color of the anodized casing, and the adaptation of the electronic hardware.


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