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Display with local I/O extension

Less-wiring and cable saving

Pro-face, a daughter of Schneider Electric, provides a CANopen Flex master and CANopen slave units for the SP5000 series.

Add-on modules for the companies SP5000 series (Photo: Pro-face)

The launched modules with CANopen NMT master or CANopen slave functionality feature higher resolution, more colors, wider temperature range, and better IP-rating. Both units can be attached to the backside of an SP5000 Power Box Module (5B10),. This allows an easy migration from legacy HMI devices. The HTB with CANopen NMT slave function features twelve digital inputs, six relay-outputs, and two transistor source outputs. The NMT master unit is able to connect with up to 7 EX modules. That can configure a less-wiring remote I/O system.


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