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Navigation system with touchscreen

Suitable for larger cruising and sport-fishing vessels

Simrad Yachting (USA) has launched a touchscreen series offering a 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels resolution. The navigation system features NMEA 2000 (IEC 61162-3) and J1939 connectivity.

The NSO evo3 systems are available in 16-, 19-, and 24-inch sizes (Photo: Simrad)

The NSO evo3 multi-function display is powered by a iMX6 quad-core processor and can be used in conjunction with other Simrad systems such as the Halo Radar, the S5100 chirp sounder module, the Forwardscan forward-looking sonar, and the Structurescan 3D sonar imaging. The product can also connect to smartphones, tablets, and Internet hotspots with integrated wireless connectivity. Other interface options include HMDI input/output, OP50 remote controller support plus control of audio data.

Via the CAN interfaces NMEA 2000 devices and J1939 engines can directly communicate with the multi-function display. They can be purchased either separately or as part of a system kit, which includes a GPS antenna, chart card reader, NMEA 2000 starter-kit, and OP50 remote controller. The remote controller provides keypad control of up to six separate displays.


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