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The cabin of the F2800 drilling rig from IHC Iqip contains CAN keypads from Miunske. Four CAN keypads have been installed, two of which have 12 buttons each and the other two 6 buttons each.

The Fundex F2800 drilling rig (Photo: IHC Iqip)

Despite its length of 11 m, under 5 m width, and a maximum height of 31 m, the IHC Fundex F2800 counts as medium-sized amongst mobile drilling rigs. With an average operational weight of 110 t it is controlled from a high-tech workstation. The cabin contains not only switches, monitors, displays, and joysticks, but also CAN keypads from Miunske.

IHC Iqip’s machines are in use throughout the world. The number of vehicles that are manufactured just under 60 km, as the crow flies, to the south-west of Rotterdam is correspondingly high. Between 10 and 12 drilling rigs a year leave the factory workshops of the company based in the Dutch city of Goes. Apart from the drilling head, the cabin is the centerpiece of the machines. A recent feature here is a keypad combination which is also a step forward for reasons of internationalization. A total of four CAN keypads have been installed, two of which have 12 keys each and the other two 6 keys each. It was not all that long ago that Anton Hectors read in his mailbox, about Miunske being able to implement such keypad solutions. “I regularly receive a newsletter from a CAN organization that reports about new products. This newsletter also introduced Miunske’s CAN keypads”, the developer of control systems at IHC IQIP reports.

The solution with four CAN keypads (Photo: Miunske)

Not more than four weeks passed from the initial idea to the implementation, said the company. What was particularly crucial in the decision was the possibility of customer-specific keypad layouts and software at an acceptable price, they added. “As our machines are used all over the world, we focus in the cockpit on control units that are as self-explanatory as possible. That means that we work a lot with symbols, which are then understood all around the world”, said Hectors. The option of being able to design keybpads according to one’s own ideas is a feature of Miunske’s CAN control units. According to them, this also enables the wiring cost to be reduced - by at least around a quarter in the current case. It was also possible to reduce the number of pushbuttons and switches installed, which, in turn, benefits operating safety. Due to the solution, the CAN keypads are now standard in IHC’s cabins.


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