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Touch encoder

Replaces switches, push buttons, and keypads

Grayhill has developed The TE touch encoder with 32 positions. The J1939-connectable HMI device provides Bluetooth connectivity to communicate to iPads.

The touch encoder can be programmed by an iPad (Photo: Grayhill)

The 32 positions of the touch encoder are programmable by means of an iPad app. The user can create individual screens using any combination of widgets (from the widget library), pictures, and graphics. The development kit is available with and without iPad comprising the touch encoder, a CAN cable, and wall-outlet power supply.

The product supports gestures such as tap, swipe, and turn. The knob is made of stainless steel with an optional black chrome finish or a silicone grip rear. The display resolution is 320 pixel x 300 pixel. The device is specified for one million encoder cycles. The CAN interface supports the J1939 protocol. It is designed for industrial, digital audio and visual, medical, and off-highway applications.

The device comes with a 32-GiB memory and an IP67-sealed construction. It allows designers to replace traditional user-input devices with a device. The tablet development app allows the user to personalize multi-touch gestures, generate images, and customize the display. They can also use Trigger Logic, which eliminates the need for a software engineer to configure the device. The kit also includes customizable standard widgets. The TE series is available from Digikey and Mouser.


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